Hydrating Renewal Kit

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Glare Organics Hydrating Renewal Kit is perfect to moisturize + renew your skin ANYWHERE!  This 3pk #GOKit comes with hydrating oils + botanical spray is for all over the body and a beauty toning tool.


Botanical Facial Mist

Refresh your skin with this botanical mist sure to elevate your mood and moisturize your skin.  Follow up with a few drops of our hydrating oil for maximum moisture and softness.  Leaving your face and skin nourished and supple.  For additional toning benefits, use our jade beauty tool to depuff skin + eyes and help reduce redness and tired dry skin.

Organic Content: 95%

This product is vegan.

Hydrating Oils

#GOKits come with Rosé or Marigold Hydrating oils to hydrate your skin, hair, nails, and toes with this rich, intensive moisturizing serum. A few drops in your hand to warm the oil in your palms make for a relaxing massage oil with lavish aromas that moisturize for hours.  Made with pure organic cold-pressed Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, and botanically infused with Rice Bran and Sunflower oils; our hydrating oils are a #GOBeauty staple.  Full of natural antioxidants and vitamins to help you to fight signs of aging and free-radicals from harmful environments while soothing and smoothing your skin with vitamin E. | 30ml

Organic Content: 95%

This product is vegan.

Glare Care Skin Toning Tool

Made from real jade, this beauty tool helps to lift, de-puff, and tighten the skin. Gently roll in an outward motion toward your ears from the center of your nose and under your eyes. Massage upward to the crown of your head from the nose astound the eyes, avoiding eyelashes ;)
Jade is known for it’s healing properties and calming coolness that helps to promote blood flow to the skin+ face. Bringing a more youthful and rested appearance to the skin. 
This product is organic. 

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