Our Story

At Glare Organics Body Co., we believe in the wholistic + intentional care of your hair, skin + beauty. In our very busy lives, we can sometimes forget to take time and pamper ourselves and wind up settling for a quick-fixes full of impurities. We, on the other hand, aim to deliver quality products that promotes and protects your natural glare while on-the-go. By using ancient-old ingredients that have proven the test of time, our organic + vegan-friendly products are travel friendly and help to prolong your beauty and youthful glow...naturally. #GlareCare is #SelfCare so #ProtectYourGlare



Glare Organics Body Co. started out as "So Glossy Ltd" in 2011 as an organic lipgloss line that eventually expanded to creams + body butters.  After my journey into incorporating more organic products in my day-to-day care, I began experimenting with hair conditioners and creams.  I had so many ideas and I'll admit I was all over the place and lacked a step-by-step process.  After a bit of refocusing and research, a rebranding began in 2014.  By the end of 2015, I had relocated from Miami FL to Tampa, and Glare Organics Body Company became an official business in 2015.  



I had my share of successes and disappointments, as does every entrepreneur.  My musical career gave me a platform to consistently sell my products face-to-face to concert goers and followers of my music.  I was extremely fortunate to have such dedicated supporters.  However, after my last national tour in 2016, I had personal choices to make that meant putting my focus and energies into my family.  I chose to accept a job to help support our home, and laid the business down in 2017 after trying to carry it through an extremely difficult season. 

Thinking back, I'm glad I had the time to refresh and step away from the business.  It gave me an alternative perspective on how to re-approach Glare in 2020.  My season was coming to an end at the job I accepted and held for 3 years and I considered going all-in once again with my company.  How was I going to reenter this NOW, very saturated arena for "Natural Hair + Skin Care".   I realized that, regardless of what others brought to this field...there is in fact, room for me!  What started as my personal life's journey was once again providing an opportunity for me to venture out on what my mom probably should've called me...FAITH!  So with much prayer and persistence...I did it!  I jumped in once again!  In August 2020, I rebranded once more, officially relaunched the business and added organic beauty products to complete the enterprise.  All I can say is, “Thank you Lord!”  I encourage you to never give up on your dreams and passions.  I learned two things over the years. Disappointment and disaster are the mean twin cousins of opportunity and success. They’re related...apart of the same family whose bloodline is derived from the matriarch of Fearless Faith!  Don’t give up!