Intentionality Is Key!

Hey #GOBeauties

How intentional have you been this year? 

Have you thought about how you can be more intentional, and in what areas you can better focus your intentionality?  I asked myself that question one day because I realized I certainly could do better.  If I'm honest...I've lived like a butterfly the majority of my life.  Throwing myself into what excited and fanned my creativity.  I was a quick-witted, gifted dreamer.  A free-flowing creative that rolled with life's punches.  My desire to have a music career as a recording artist was probably the only area I really exhibited intentionality.  I willed + worked to accomplish some pretty awesome things and that intention (coupled with pure favor from God) took me around the world.  Literally! 

After my second first album, I travelled internationally and basically went where I was summoned to share my heart through music.  I wasn't as focused on other areas of my life and it only took a few life changing events to realize, I needed to change my perspective on a few things.  It was in those challenges, I learned more about myself.  How there was areas of my life that I had not been careful to protect or cultivate.  I stopped to look around, and I had lost control of my circumstances.  I wasn't happy.  I was exhausted and borderline depressed.  This wasn't about my faith or the lack thereof, it was about my subconscious view of my own value and proactively caring for me.

I had to start making changes FAST!  I was too accessible at times, when I should have just rested.  I needed to begin restoring the relationship with my son, as the consequences of some of my choices as a single Mother (who was always on the road as a Recording Artist "ministering for God") began to affect our relationship.  He was 10 at the time.  I was not only neglecting myself, I was also neglecting the things + people that truly mattered to me;



I got serious about what I wanted to see for myself, my family and my life in general and I realized I HAD to make a change.  So I began to pursue intentionality.  If you haven't figured it out, I LOVE words and their meanings!  I don't consider myself an etymologist, but as a singer/songwriter, words have a very deep meaning for me.  Merriam-Webster defines intentional as

intentional \ in-ˈtench-nəl|\ done by intention or design INTENDED

I became intentional about my goals, my dreams, my family, my businesses (which took REAL dedication because I have 3 companies) and I became especially intentional about protecting my glare. 

In our busy 


 lives we can not forget to intentionally celebrate the smallest of victories! Each day, we are growing in so many ways! The same goes for our hair. Promoting healthy growth takes intentionality and routine. Everything that grows has to be 🌱 nourished, 💦 watered and 🥘 fed. Combine them (healthy regimen + proper nourishment) and you can produce an abundance of growth! 

Adding our #GrowthAndRetention #GOKit to your #haircareroutine can certainly lengthen the odds! 💁🏽‍♀️

(all the pun intended 😉)••• This is #glarecare 




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