Behind the Glare: How I got here

Hey #GOBeauties 

Giel the OGOB

Yes!! That's my greeting for EVERYONE! Lol! 

I say it as a reminder for every beautifully bright person that chooses to enhance their ALREADY beautiful selves with organically natural enhancements.  Let me introduce myself, My name is Giel and I wanted to tell you a bit about my story and the road that led to Glare Organics Body Co.  It took me years to figure out that being attractive is something we ALL are in our own way.  Being attractive, however, is more than just outward beauty. It's being in-tune with, balanced-in  and intentional about total GLARE CARE!  A person who practices Glare Care is beyond attractive, they are complete and whole.  They understand their natural + true value + are wise to protect it.  

What is Glare Care?

Glare Care is inward care, as in your mind, body + spirit.  It's outward care, as in your nails, hair + skin.  Glare Care is enhanced care, as in the luxurious + beautiful add-ons YOU choose to enhance yourself with. Everything from bold lip colors to soft + dewey bronzers, hair color to eye matter what you add, your natural glare still SHINES through!

 Discovering My Glare

What started out as a personal journey to grow + learn, became a home-based business...turned life pursuit!  I never thought my decision to live a more authentic and organic life, would have led to my prospering in my own skin.  My story is filled with faith + opportunities, victories + setbacks, but thank God for resilience and the old gospel song by Harry Dixon Loes that I learned as a child.  "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...let is shine, let shine...let it SHINE!" (Lol! I'm picturing lil' Tina Turner in the pews of her backwood church in Nutbush, TN in the 1993 Movie: What's Love Got To Do With It!).

"Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. It can be disabling or simply uncomfortable. It is subjective, and sensitivity to glare can vary widely."  -NLPIP


Discovering my glare wasn't difficult; protecting it on the other hand, was a life-long challenge.  What could have been looked at as unfair and malicious treatment, cultivated an attitude that drove me to never back down and never give up.  It didn't break me!  Although life gives us enough reasons to shrink back or "dim" our shine; if you're like me, then you've had your own share of gusty winds tryna snuff your light out. I pray you find the faith and courage to face your challenge and let your light so SHINE! (Matthew 5:16)

glare /gler/  to shine with a harsh uncomfortably brilliant light

-Merriam Webster 


Rediscovering My Shine

According to Merriam-Webster, the 1st meaning of "glare" in both the verb + noun expresses the felt repercussion of such a brilliance. That it can be harsh and uncomfortable.  I've certainly known both sides of that.  As a matter of fact, I battled with insecurities (both my own and those imposed upon me) because of that lack of balance.  Growing up, jealousy + envy from so-called-friends, and even family members that didn't understand me, often oppressed me with statements like, "Stop showing off!", or "why you gotta act like that?".  

Often times, negative words that are meant to shape our self-esteem are said by people who don't understand how bright we shine.  Many have a hard time acknowledging the intensity of light you carry, when God fills you with so much passion + creativity.  I remember being asked, "Why are you always trying to do everything? or "You always doing the most!"  Those words triggered a battle within myself to be "just enough" at the whim of others.  That was both tiresome and detrimental to the spectacular truth of who God created me to be.  I remember feeling alone, but always on...always gaging the temperature of my surrounding climate.  I was known by many, but close to none.  I felt like the glaring sun.  So bright that at first glance, it can hurt your eyes and even burn you if you don't use caution.  That kind of brilliance can be both breathtaking + terrifying. As a young woman, that imbalance made it difficult to relate and get close to others out of fear and self-preservation.

Bold, Bright + Balanced

After years of disconnect + "surface-living", I found myself in a dark place where my light was barely a flicker.   I was blessed to encounter patient teachers + mentors along the way, when I needed it the most.  They were able to see a rarity in me and speak life to those areas until I was strong enough to do it myself.  My faith in God guided me through the rough seasons, and helped to anchor me through various storms.  My faith taught me the responsibility that came with being "SO BRIGHT". That there was a difference between shrinking back and just using wisdom + correct timing to harness the shine.  That is was a gift that required intentional care. 

All of my life's experiences have helped me to understand more of who I am.  That I am able to do everything I put my mind to do, but I don't have to do it alone.  That I can be confident + strong, just as long as I am also kind + mindful.  I can boldly affirm that I am talented and creative, and I exude that in various ways, freely.  I see limitless possibilities and I want others to see them too!  Each day I strive to balance the dynamics of my relationship more.  I want to understand others, as much as I want them to understand me. Still, I am unapologetic.  I know I do not think conventionally, and I do not have to be LESS of myself to make others comfortable.  Learning to care for my glare, has been an intentional daily practice.  What started in 2012 with making lipgloss in my kitchen truly became my life's pursuit.  With Glare Care, I am reminded to stay connected, balanced and open to allow a more harmonious light to shine through me.  To give and receive a glare that encourages and nourishes others to flourish like the sun to all of God's creatures. 

glare /gler/ n.

a strong, steady, dazzling light or brilliant reflection, as from sunlight 
-Collins Dictionary
Being diligent to practice Glare Care each day has become my journey.  It's a journey that I am living openly and authentically.  I'm really glad you decided to join me.  Along the way, I hope that you also learn more about yourself and your Creator.  That you learn how to balance + protect YOUR glare.  As you set out on your own journey, I hope that you use your glare to nourish yourself and others.  I pray my journey encourages you to live true, strong and bright.  Keep Shinning #GOBeauty The world needs your glare!
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